The Best Swatches of ColourPop’s Newest Collection- Baroque

Baroque by ColourPop is a limited-edition eyeshadow palette that normally sells for a lot less than they are actually worth and this premium palette includes 0.32 oz of product. Apart from their popular moisturizer, there are several swatches of this newest collection, all of which will be looked at in this post. 

What is the Baroque Colourpop Trend?

This is a new color story in a bluish-gray hue that is likely to be limited edition (or life, in which case they’ll replenish it a few times but it’ll vanish at random!) With the two shimmering colors that seem to have warmer, plummy bases as well as duo-chrome changes, the real final effect on the eye seems to have been a bit more peacock-like.

A Closer Look at the Shades

The following are the best colourpop’s baroque collection color shades or swatches: 

Bougie is a matte light gray with cold undertones. Color coverage is opaque and does not thin off easily on bare skin, which may be a problem with lighter matte shades like this. The texture is silky, smooth, as well as solid yet blendable. It can last for eight hours before noticeably diminishing.

Colourpop ritz swatch

The Colourpop ritz swatch is a moderate pink copper base with blue-green shifting glitter. It had good pigmentation and was evenly applied on the lids with minimal fallout. The texture is light, silky, as well as blendable. Despite the fact that the eyeshadow lasts for eight hours, you may notice some indications of fading.

Colourpop baby yoda makeup palette

In the Colourpop baby yoda makeup palette, a matte texture is combined with cool undertones and a moderate gray color. On bare skin, it is equally applied as well as blended out well without losing intensity. The consistency is somehow powdery in the pan, however smooth, velvety, and hefty on the skin. It also lasts 8 hours.

Colourpop Secret Stash

Blue-gray with cold undertones as well as a matte finish. However, some errant glitter made it to the eye region. Apart from the glitter, this one has opaque color coverage that harmonized nicely. The texture was powdery but not shearable. It lasted for eight hours before disappearing.

Colourpop Noble

Noble has a rich coppery purple foundation with a delicate metallic sheen. With a silky, gentle creaminess that is not too emollient or heavy, the eyeshadow works up nicely with a brush and adhered well on bare skin. It lasts for 8 hours before visible fading.

Colourpop Ultimate Stunner

Intense, cold undertones, as well as a matte finish, define Stunner. Single-layer pigmentation is almost opaque and buildable to maximum strength in much less than half a layer. A soft, blendable, and workable texture, albeit somewhat powdered in the pan. It lasted for eight hours before disappearing.

Colourpop Etiquette Swatch

In the color Etiquette, the undertones range from neutral to warm. It has a shimmering, matte texture. The recipe had fine sparkles throughout, although they were hard to see. The texture was soft, faintly powdered, and blendable, with a fairly opaque color payoff in one coat. It lasted for eight hours before disappearing.


With a delicate, softly powdered texture that was somewhat thinner and drier than the other mattes in the palette, but not enough to create problems. It lasted for eight hours before disappearing.

Colourpop Grandeur Palette Swatches

Grand is a matte black with a smooth cold tone. With a single coat, it is opaque and blends nicely, but there is some glitter fallout that does not bond well with the base color. Apply with a fingertip for a far more visible glitter on the lid. 

How to Wear Baroque Makeup

Apply foundation: 

Using a foundation that is a few shades lighter than your actual skin tone can give you a more youthful appearance.

When it came to cosmetics in the Baroque period, a combination of white lead and vinegar was employed as the foundation. If you do not support lead poisoning, which was common during the Baroque era, you may use a pale cosmetics foundation.

Light powder, ideally white powder, should be used to set the whole face. In order to achieve the lightest possible skin tone on their face, neck, and décolletage, ladies would apply powder liberally all over their bodies. You may use baby powder in this situation.

Rosy Cheeks and Lips: Women desired to seem as youthful and fresh-faced as possible, therefore a beautiful blush of color on the lips and cheeks was necessary to accomplish this.

Make use of a lot of rose-colored blush on your cheeks.

Earlier then, blush was made by mixing white lead plus red coloring. You could also use a vibrant red powder blush in this situation.

Red lip liner should be used to define the lips.

Cochineal was used to color the lips red; cochineal is a kind of bug that may be used to create a red-colored dye; it was also used to paint the lips red. It is also possible to use an over-the-counter lip liner.

Dark Beauty Markings: Marilyn Monroe isn’t the first lady to wear dark beauty marks in a fashionable manner; Baroque ladies had established the trend many centuries before.

The only thing that has to be done here is to create or deepen beauty markings on one’s face.

Beauty marks can be darkened with a black eyeliner; with all of the face makeup, beauty markings were generally hidden under a heavy coating of powder and lead, so ladies would just go through them with black kohl to make them darker and much more noticeable.

What Products are required for the Baroque Look?

The following are the products one will need to create the Baroque look:

  1. Foundation
  2. Bright lipstick (preferably red lipstick)
  3. Black eye liner
  4. Purple eye shadows
  5. Color palette e,g colorpop baroque palette

Where to Buy the Baroque Colourpop Collection?

Colorpop’s Baroque collection is available for purchase at Furthermore, you will be able to find this from the majority of online stores as well as local beauty and cosmetics stores in your area.

Colourpop’s Latest Collection- Baroque, A Curated Palette With a Touch of Class

This curated complete eyeshadow set contains the cool-toned Baroque 9-pan palette, which allows you to create a variety of eye shadow looks on a consistent basis. Bougie is one of the colors, and it provides a wonderful and attractive final result for your eyes.Other swatches include Ritzy, lounge, Bebe, grand, and so on.

The Best Shade in the Entire Collection

The best shade in the whole collection is bougie. This has a light gray as well as cool undertone. Furthermore, its matte finishes. Its texture allows it applies very well to bare skin without cracking or sheering out. 

What Customers Think About This New and Exciting Collection

Several buyers have shown interest in this palette. Others believe that the collection should be enriched by the addition of a few additional eye-catching metallics. This product, according to the majority of colourpop’s baroque reviewers, is ideal for smoky eyes since it contains some kind of color undertones instead of black undertones.


Colorpops’ newest collection, dubbed the Baroque, is available now. It is a stunning eye makeup pallet set that many consumers are now raving about. It contains a large number of distinct colors, making it ideal for those who are searching for a variety of different colors to choose from. This is also receiving excellent reviews and ratings for being one of the finest eye shadows to use for the baroque style, which is another plus.

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